John Maxwell

As a police officer of over 30 years and as a Police Chief who has attended many, many leadership classes and courses, you will find that Dr Billy Nale's leadership skill and courses are exemplary.  I was very much impacted by his course and continued similar training at my department involving 90 employees with 33 leaders.  This is one of the best courses I've ever attended and I highly recommend the services, talent, and skills of Billy Nale.  ~ David Wilson, Chief of Police, Foley, AL

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the leadership training and development services of Dr. Billy Nale to your company.  Recently, I have had the wonderful opportunity to grow both personally and professionally during three (8) week classes taught by Dr. Nale.  Dr. Nale’s charismatic personality and his ability to evoke a sense of openness in group conversations allowed me to discover leadership skills I never knew I possessed. As a professional organization, you will be more than pleased with Dr. Nale’s level of service, professionalism and the enrichment potential for your employees through his programs. ~ Kristin Hellmich, Director of Marketing, OWA Entertainment Complex 

Dr. Nale worked with our utility to present several John Maxwell Master Mind classes on leadership and team building.  He also developed and presented a number of customized training classes centered around our mission, vision and values.  These classes became the building blocks of our Employee Leadership Institute.    We found Dr. Nale’s training to be interesting, informative, relevant, and targeted to the needs of our employees and learning objectives.  Our employees consistently rated his training very high and asked for more!  Dr. Nale is an excellent speaker, trainer, and presenter.  ~ Sharon Cureton, PhD,  Director of Human Resources, Riviera Utilities

Daphne Utilities would highly recommend Dr. Nale. Dr. Nale spoke to our employees a few times on Positive Attitude, and what a great affect he had on our employees. I personally have attended seminars and summits that Dr. Nale spoke at and I always take something away from the day. He has a great presence and passion for what he does. ~ Samantha Coppels, Communications Manager, Daphne Utilities

I have attended a classes that Dr. Billy Nale taught. He is a great speaker and leader. He made the classes very interesting and encourage a lot of interaction. With his leadership and the material provided it has helped me become a more confident leader today. ~ Christi D. Koehle, CLTC, LUTCF, Financial Advisor, Special Needs Planner, MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning

The mastermind classes helped me to see things within myself that I was not aware but my co-workers could see. And they also gave me steps that I could take to correct or eliminate the issues that I had. They allowed me to become a better manager, leader, listener, coach and role model for my team mates. Participating in these classes has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I highly recommend all the mastermind classes. ~ Metris Connors, Myer Realty, Gulf Shores, AL

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